Toomey Endorsed by Morning Call and Express Times

Two years ago, The Morning Call recommended Mr. Toomey be re-elected, based upon his superior understanding of issues that are important to the people of the 15th District, and to the nation. That advantage hasn’t changed, and Mr. Toomey is the better candidate again in 2002.
The Morning Call – Read more

…..Toomey is the better choice.
The Express Times – Read more

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Latest News:

Federal cash for COPS in Schools comes to Valley districts
Upper Nazareth Township police will get a $125,000 grant to place an officer in the Nazareth Area Middle School for the next four years. The grant is a part of the federal COPS in Schools program and was announced by U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey, R-Lehigh Valley, during a news conference Monday.

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